Beware World Choice Travel Affiliate Scam

I just wanted to warn people of what appears to be deceptive practices by World Choice Travel. This company shows as being a Travelocity partner network as well as Orbitz. Whether these well-known companies are one in the same I do not know, however both are still showing live on the internet as “World Choice Travel Partner Network” (WCT). Their main website brings you to pages that show the apparent contradiction. But this is not the issue. Just an example that there are contradictions within the site. The contact information they both provide is showing similar contacts. But more on that later.

Page showing Orbitz Partner Network:

wct - orbitz

Page showing Travelocity Partner Network:

wct - travelocity

I want to briefly explain what the program is about. World Choice Travel works as an engine for those who have websites who want to use their service to sell travel related bookings. Those using the service basically make commissions for sales that take place through their own travel websites.

I used the service for a long time. I only had a small website that was never advertised and made very modest earnings. At the most I think I made about $100-$125 in a year. Those earnings basically dwindled down to nothing a couple years ago. I had suspicions that something was amiss, especially since I had some regular customers who booked travel through the website. Sometimes you have to take some things on faith as far as affiliate or advertising type ventures on the internet. Unless someone investigates the companies it is difficult to know if you are getting the proper credit. But I do know that the links were working (live) the different times I did check them.

I hadn’t checked the site in quite a while and noticed over a week ago that the links were giving an “ACCESS DENIED” message. So I figured I missed something and needed to update the links. When I contacted them through and the emails bounced back with fatal errors. I tried for a week with the same results and decided to give up. I do not know if they are working now or not. I did manage to use a web form and also contact them through But they never responded to my concerns.

wct - contact

To make matters worse in my suspicions of World Choice Travel I noticed a couple other sites that were using them had the same “ACCESS DENIED” error message. I know I never received any notification of any issues/changes with the affiliate program. I suspect others didn’t as well. As I mentioned they are still pushing the program online with contact info that was not working for over a week and at last check still wasn’t. I was a very small affiliate so any lost earnings were probably rather small. A larger website could have lost a lot of money in just a short time by having a site that no longer worked with the program. Loss of regular customers who find the site does not provide the expected services can cost anyone a lot of money over the long term.

Ironically the pages listing World Choice Travel (WCT) have them listed as a BBB Online Reliability Program. I know how the Better Business Bureau works and do not expect anything to come of this, but I filed a complaint on principle. This is the same reason I am posting this warning to prospective travel affiliates. I strongly urge those considering this program to go elsewhere. It is not worth dealing with a company that is so unprofessional it will not contact its partners when the program changes or goes under; A company that cannot update its contact information. Have they cheated affiliates out of money? I can’t say for sure. They never paid me the small earnings I still had coming. I know enough to consider it to be a scam on some level. That is my opinion. At the very least I feel they are dealing in an unethical manner. Their actions/inaction potentially cost some who partnered with them. It would seem more than likely to me. It also raises questions as to just how far they have gone in not delivering on their part of their arrangement with affiliates.

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