Beware Google Offshore Move – Beware of Google

It was reported a while ago that Google is looking to put it’s data centers 7 miles offshore, potentially skirting privacy protection laws and property taxes… It is noteworthy because Google has been allowed to get away with so much the last few years. In this case let’s see if they get to use loopholes in the law that offshore gaming companies couldn’t.

Google has already gotten far too powerful. I’m not just talking about their power over the content you see. They have cameras watching just about anywhere you go. They have posted more pictures showing the exact location of individuals and sensitive locations than any terrorist, murderer, rapist or thief could have ever dreamed of.

Think of how much power Google does have over what you see. Do you trust them? Can they be trusted after unapologetically getting away with aiding communist China in censoring the oppressed Chinese citizens? They tried to justify it by saying some information is better than none. Isn’t brain washing basically giving “some information?”

Germany’s Office for Information Security warned to only use Google’s recently launched Chrome browser sparingly because of spying/privacy concerns. The chrome browser has features that will store about 2 per cent or more of all user details, including people’s search terms and IP addresses. I’ve done a lot of watching of google and comparing the search engines looking for bias. I truly believe that googlebot has certain political persuasions. I don’t know if certain political algorithms are written into the code or if it is just giving outright preference to left wing sites such as the radical Huffington post.

The Huffington rag has inexplicably been at the top of competetive Google searches countless times in web search, news search and blog search. This is from a site edited by a large number of people and thus, as a whole is far from optimized for that kind of success. They are there because they are big. They got big in large part by Google. If that isn’t enough for you, this radical rag has a history of stealing content. Google preaches that unique content is the path to success. Wikipedia got a similar building up by Google and can now maintain high rankings on it’s own, as a result of it’s popularity made possible by Google giving it incredible exposure in the first place. I don’t think you were supposed to notice the connection. You get the point. If left alone, do you think Google’s favoritism will get better or worse?

Where do most people go when they are trying to find information? Think about the power Google has in what comes in front of your eyes. If there is no transparency, do you think the “don’t be evil” Google will rightly choose good or greed and power? Maybe they will help evil thinking they are somehow doing good in abusing their power. Do you like the idea of liberals choosing what you see? For most things most people don’t search more than a couple pages of search results. Just giving preference to certain content/sites carries enormous power. Right now I think their power and influence has put them on a dangerous path. We now live on that same path. Beware…

Should Google be able to be the internet police and decide what is good and what isn’t? We know they don’t seem to have a problem with porn. We know they are unable or unwilling to keep spam sites out of it’s search engine. If you do much searching you know about the bogus search pages that come up that somehow tricked Google into thinking they were legitimate sites – at the expense of legitimate sites… You know, the content-less sites that are nothing but paid links. One of the biggest reasons Google gives for wanting secrecy is to keep spammers away. How is that working?

We know googlebot has meltdowns. Most webmasters know about it’s history of wild and unexplainable fluctuations. We also know that recently a google error nearly bankrupted an airline. You can see the power they have in the posting and prioritizing of just a small amount of information. Even if you trust Google you know they are far from infallible. If you trust Google you are far from infallible.

You don’t suppose if a hurricane wipes out the offshore supercomputers they might get a government bailout? Huge companies don’t get bailouts for making stupid decisions, do they? Maybe we can spend a couple billion dollars trying to save employees who aren’t smart enough to get out of the way of the hurricane. If they set ship off America’s shores we will show up with food, water and buckets of money. Do we all get to set up shop 7 miles offshore and break various laws and when we get too foolish, then we get a bailout from the government?

Perhaps the offshore plan will flop. One can only hope. But the danger of an out of control Google is more serious than most people think. The best thing you can do to protect yourself is to not rely on Google for finding all of your information. Maybe at the moment they are a necessary “evil” for many, but there are other ways to get your information. Save all trusted sites you are familiar with to your favorites for future use and use various search engines. Everything out there is not in Google and the most relevant things you are looking for do not always show up anywhere near the first couple pages of search results. Back when most people had never heard of Google I was singing their praises. It’s not the same Google anymore…

Interesting blog facts:

Data centers consumed 1 percent of the world’s electricity in 2005. Computers that run the internet will have a larger carbon footprint than the airline industry by the year 2020. This according to a recent study by McKinsey and the Uptime Institute.

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