Barry Bonds Drug Was Legal – A Sports Legend Persecuted

Expert testimony in grand jury documents has revealed that not only was “the Clear” (THG) not banned when Barry Bonds was accused of taking it – the drug wasn’t even categorized by the Justice Department as a steroid until January 2005.

This witch-hunt against Bonds has gone on for years and has cost millions of dollars. What is his alleged crime? Lying about steroids. Apparently that is a bigger crime than a President of the United States lying about cheating on his wife in the White House.

It appears prosecutors may have asked Bonds what they knew to be ambiguous questions regarding steroids. In this case it may really come down to what the meaning of steroids “is.” There is speculation that it was intentionally done that way. Ya think?

Barry Bonds has been dragged through the mud by the media and the government in yet another example of a modern day lynching. He isn’t the only one. Mark McGuire has had his reputation severely damaged for taking a supplement that was legal.

“It sounds like a misuse of the grand jury. They go and try to trip the guy into lying.” — John Bartko, a former assistant U.S. Attorney

The prosecutors will likely move to plan B or plan C to get Barry Bonds. They will use testimony from convicted felons and anything else they can hit him with. That’s the template. Getting the big fish seems to be the game. Money is no object. The people’s money. 

Not only does the legal case against Bonds seem very extreme for the alleged crime, when you stop and think that the United States government grilled Bonds and others about steroids it is almost beyond belief. Congressional hearings for steroids. Maybe that is why they didn’t notice the financial crisis that was on the horizon, amongst other things.

With all the disrespect shown by politicians the last few years to the traditions of America, I can’t help but wonder if all this wasn’t an attack on the game itself. Baseball is indeed an American tradition – “America’s Pastime.” Baseball, hot dogs, apple pie and Chevrolet. Remember when those were considered good things?

Did Barry Bonds ever take steroids? If he did I believe it was for a very short time. He played quite a few seasons after all this came to light and it is highly unlikely he used steroids during that period. He would have to be crazy. Yet, he was still one of the most feared sluggers in the game without steroids. BALCO lead investigator Jeff Novitzky testified that “there’s never been any studies to show whether or not THG does, in fact, enhance muscle growth.”

Steroids are supposed to break the body down over time. Isn’t that what all the steroid fuss is about? Bonds was playing at a high level into his 40’s, despite major knee injuries. Playing a couple decades in a professional sport at the very highest level doesn’t paint a picture of someone who abused their body. In fact, it wasn’t steroids, injuries or age that derailed Barry Bonds – it was a modern day lynch mob.

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