Barack Obama’s Hypocrisy and Dangerous Pick of Hillary Clinton for Secretary of State

They were saying that Obama’s often promised “change” had a very familiar look – looking a lot like the Bill Clinton cabinet. Now he has Hillary Clinton in there as Secretary of State, along will the ex President Bill Clinton by default. Strange got even stranger – especially considering the way he treated Hillary during  their battle for the White House and the way he shunned her for Joe Biden as Vice President.

I wrote a couple weeks ago about the likely reasons for such a pick as Secretary of State. The biggest reason may be to keep his biggest Democrat rival where you would expect she would not constantly criticize Obama when he runs into any tough going. It also would presumably lessen the chance of a Hillary run for President in 2012, unless she has a trick up her sleeve. It is a great feather in her cap, although I don’t think the consolation prize close to makes up for what she really wanted. She certainly never showed any indication that she wanted to be a Senator of New York State.

There is no way to really know what kind of a job she will do, other than her past words. You have to have a realistic view of terrorists and brutal dictators if you are going to contribute to making the world safer. So far I do not see any evidence that she will show the strength that America has always led the free world with. Hillary Clinton talks about “vigorous diplomacy” and “less adversaries.” In the real world those statements are at odds with each other. Who are our adversaries? Terrorists and brutal dictators. Diplomacy will melt the Grinch’s heart? Should that mindset make America feel safer?

What experience does she have for such an undertaking? I still don’t know anything she has done that would qualify her for the job, other than dodging imaginary gun fire at airports. I still don’t know of any major accomplishments she has had in the Senate whatsoever. I certainly doubt there is anything that would give her the kind of experience she will need for this undertaking.

Obama’s words and actions seem to be of someone walking the line between the extreme left wing promises he made during his campaign and a realization of the dangers that exist out there in the real world. I guess we can’t say for sure which kind of President he will be. While I most prefer if he is not the extreme left winger so many of us fear, it will be a big mistake if he tries to please all people. Can you say President Bush? Trying to appease your political rivals and the media did not work out too well for his popularity. Trying to appease your enemies and your political rivals is not the recipe or long term success. Not for Barack Obama and not for America.

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