Barack Obama’s Big Blunder Considering/Picking Hillary Clinton for Secreatary of State

I was going to ask the question of who was dumber for the supposed Secretary of State offer – Barack Obama or Hillary Clinton. I decided it wasn’t that dumb for Hillary, although I don’t know why she would want to be a part of the Obama administration after all that has happened.

Barack Obama on the other hand seems to have made a big mistake. He not only welcomes someone into his circle who has the potential to overshadow him, but the potential undermine him as well. Make that two people – of course you can’t forget Bill Clinton. Bill brings all kinds of possible conflicts with his own international projects he has going as well as his speeches.

It makes no sense to me really. Maybe he is adhering to the saying of keeping your friends close and your enemies closer. Perhaps he thinks this will stop the likelihood of Hillary or Bill speaking out against him. In that sense it would seem smart, but is that really the way he wants to govern?

Does this mean Hillary is out for 2012, even if an Obama presidency does not turn out to be all heavenly music? These are the Clintons, so who knows what they are thinking. In the case of Barack Obama, he seems to not be thinking about anything but politics, unless he has seen enough already to realize he is in over his head.

I know the job of Secretary of State is a very prestigious gig, but being a New York Senator is no longer worth anything? Remember when she wanted to be Senator so bad? She wanted so bad to be Senator so she could help New York State. Remember that? She has been trying to get out ever since. Believe me, the new Governor could sure use some help.

I was hoping that Obama would turn out to be his own man, despite all the sundry associations. It is looking more and more like a longshot with Obama surrounding himself with so much potential friction. If the Hillary Clinton Secretary of State selection goes through it will likely be a rough ride for Barack Obama, if not America.

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