Barack Obama Vows to Fix Warming Planet While Hundreds are Treated for Cold Weather Related Ailments at Inauguration

Barack Obama said during his inaugural speech: “we will work tirelessly to lessen the nuclear threat, and roll back the specter of a warming planet.” Meanwhile, hundreds of people had to be treated for cold weather related emergencies during the inauguration, despite numerous heating tents being set up. Now that is a gaffe. Trying to push global warming while people are freezing is worse than when Joe Biden tried to get Senator Chuck Graham to stand up, forgetting he was wheelchair bound.

That wasn’t Obama’s only blunder during his inauguration. Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts erred when reading the oath of office to Obama and on Roberts’ second try Obama recited the first incorrect line from Roberts. It is a 35 word oath (or was), so its tough to imagine. Was former President George W. Bush unable to recite his oath at either inauguration? President Barack Hussein Obama was unable to properly complete his. I think these things are newsworthy considering all the ridicule George W. Bush received for having a speech problem. Barack is supposed to be the great speaker.

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