Barack Obama: If Criteria Was That You’d Never Made a Mistake in Your Life, None of Us Would be Employed

Barack Obama Quote on choosing Tim Geithner to head up the IRS:

“If my criteria, whether it was for Cabinet secretary or vice presidents or presidents or reporters was that you’d never made a mistake in your life, none of us would be employed.”

Remember that when its not a liberal in question, Mr. Obama. Most people believe in 2nd chances. Its selective enforcement that is the real sin, in my opinion. I’m having flashbacks to when Sandy Berger stuffed classified documents down his pants, the contents of which are still unknown, and he got away with it. When you are a liberal its called being sloppy. When you are a conservative its called hard time. By the way, Berger got off with a misdemeanor for the treasonous behaviour of destroying top secret documents and was later hired as an advisor by Hillary Clinton.

Its one thing to say “don’t do it again” and another to say “here have of the best jobs in the world.” That’s one hell of a reward for his mistakes. Think about it — years of not paying taxes as well as hiring an illegal immigrant or “undocumented worker” and he gets a job running the IRS. Now there’s a lifetime Barack Obama fan.

If I rob a bank can I get a job as President of that bank? I suspect it would disqualify me from running the bank or any other bank, even if I didn’t do any jail time for it. The real world is funny that way. It would probably disqualify me from a lot of things. Ironically the poor guy robs the bank to pay the taxes, while the rich guy runs the IRS despite… well, you get the idea. The poor guy gets screwed – pun partially intended.

I guess this all just reminds me how the legal system needs an overhaul. Equal justice for all. Is that too much to ask? Spell out the punishments and enforce them equally for all. For rich and poor. For conservative and liberal. For politician and pauper. Save the country untold millions every year that the broken legal system is sucking from the economy. $50 and time served as the judge from ‘Night Court’ used to say, or whatever it was. If you rob a bank you get a year in jail or a promotion. Whatever it is, just make it apply to all.

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