Barack Obama Gives a Ronald Reagan Worded Inaugural Speech – Inauguration Carbon Footprint Exceeds 575 Million Pounds of CO2

Barack Obama gave an excellent speech at his inauguration. He is excellent at giving speeches as we learned from the Presidential campaign. His speech was shockingly similar to Ronald Reagan’s first inaugural address, which you can view a little of below. Reagan, however, did not include delusional references to a warming planet at a time when so many people are suffering because of the cold. He also didn’t do the socialism thing.

Can Obama govern as well as give a good speech? Well, he is off to a bad start when you not only consider this was the most expensive inauguration in history, but the carbon footprint was historic as well. 575 million pounds of CO2. It takes the average U.S. household 57,598 years to come up with a carbon footprint like that.

Some 600 private jets were expected for the inaugural festivities. Gotta love Hollywood. They preach restraint and indulge like there is no tomorrow. So many people buy it though. You always hear about how wonderful and caring these guys are. They are – as long as it is your money and your conservation efforts.

Hopefully Barack Obama can be a strong leader and recognize the real threats America faces. Hopefully when its over he can leave with class like George W. Bush. Hopefully he does not show a lack of dignity like Jimmy Carter in snubbing Bill Clinton like a spoiled child.

It is time to put away speeches and lead. If you want to see a leader who gave a good speech and was an amazingly strong leader you can check out Ronald Reagan’s inaugural speech. See How similar Barack’s words were to Ronald Reagan’s.

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