Barack Obama Economy May Actually be Worse than the Great Depression

There are already reasons to believe this economy is at the point of the great depression. The latest jobless figures paint a grim picture. But if you or someone you know has tried to find a job in the past 6 months you probably realize things are worse than the numbers they are giving on the news. It is summertime, when companies are hiring, not only for your traditional summer work, but because good jobs need people to come in so their employees can go on vacation. When Walmart has a hiring freeze in June, you know things are bad.

The unemployment numbers do not show the whole story. There are a lot of people who are not included in those numbers. How do you know how bad the economy is? If you are one of the lucky ones who hasn’t had to look for a job in a long time then you just need to look around. Believe it when you hear nightmare stories of hundreds of applicants for jobs most people wouldn’t have considered under George W. Bush. What is interesting is that the big push for illegal immigration was that we had so many jobs that people weren’t willing to do we needed illegals to fill them. Where are those jobs?

During the great depression you didn’t have to spend 5 or 10 bucks in gas you didn’t have going to an interview, much less the cost of driving around looking for work. Then to a 2nd interview and possibly a 3rd. Then a drug test. Then a hiring freeze in place of the job you were promised.

Things were bad during the great depression, but people were still a little more self sufficient than they are now. Housing wasn’t what it is and there were more people with a place for a garden and more local farms. You can’t grow food in cement. Now you buy food that has been shipped all over to get to your local store and you don’t get the price benefit of much competition for your veggies. You can’t buy from your local farms if you don’t have any. There aren’t usually enough anyway, even in places that have them to keep food prices from soaring. Back in those days people did often have the ability to grow their own food. You just can’t say that now.

Mr. Obama has made a real, long lasting recovery nearly impossible with his unconscionable record spending. Then he tries to justify his recklessness by saying President Bush spent a lot. Where does Obama get the money for all his friends pet projects? The only way to do it is by gutting the military, thus making America less safe. Given with what Iran and North Korea are getting away with you can see the possible future ramifications of that, for our safety as well as the economic fallout from potential disasters that could result.

Leftists like to say President Reagan overspent when he was in office. Well, he knew how to lead a strong economy, not to mention that much of that money went into the military to keep America safe. As a result America had decades without all the threats in the world we are experiencing now. Letting these threats take root is perhaps the biggest reason for the price of gas. Now a conflict could make prices soar. That is also the fruit of dealing with unfriendly regimes and not drilling for our own oil. Again, detrimental to the economy and not something that had to be feared back in the 1930’s.

To believe that the economy under Barack Obama is not one of the worst ever is to ignore what people are going through. It is also to ignore the snares that are await us thanks to an unwillingness to produce our own energy, a weakened military and greatly weakened resolve to deal with the foreign threats that could eventually make these bad times look like the good old days.

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