Barack Obama Busy ‘Porking’ America While 2 Jet Planes Crash in Less Than a Month

Have the friendly skies become unsafe to travel under Barack Obama? A 2nd jet plane has crashed in under month, meanwhile Barack Obama has been busy with his fellow government turncoats who are pushing the porkulus bill on Americans.

The plane that crashed near Buffalo was new with a clean flying record. Was this an act of terrorism? To add to the mystery, the widow of a 9/11 victim was aboard the plane. We may never know if it was an act of terror, since Barack Obama’s Administration seems incapable of accepting such a defeat. There is no doubt in my mind that, if it be possible, it will be covered it up. One of the main concerns with Obama was National Security during the election. The other concern was that he might push America in a socialist direction. The porkulus bill has proven the latter true in a big way already. What is Obama doing to make air travel safer?

Could you imagine if such events happened under George W. Bush? The porkulus bill porking of Americans and two planes crashing and Barack has been President less than a month. The first plane went down while Obama was busy preparing the most expensive inauguration in history. You could let him off on a technicality, but he certainly had better things to prepare for than the priciest inauguration ever. The 2nd plane went down while Obama’s government was busy fleecing America with a trillion dollar government spending spree disguised as a stimulus package. No matter how you slice it, 2 planes have crashed since the election of Mr. Obama.

If we were playing by the same rules as we did for George W. Bush, an impeachment would have been in the works already. Think about it – they wanted to impeach George Bush for going after terrorists. Imagine if he had not protected us from them? Imagine if President Bush tried to push through a trillion dollar pork filled bill in his first month as President, much less any other month. Imagine the conspiracy theories that would be in full swing involving these plane crashes.

One thing is for sure – the air hasn’t been very safe since Barack Obama’s election. What has this Administration done to make America safer? Perhaps we would be far better served with a National Security bill instead of a stimulus bill. The economy will come unraveled much quicker by a major terrorist attack than by our politicians not spending a trillion dollars and letting the economy heal without adding all their shameful pork.

Polls show that the stimulus/porkulus bill is going against the will of the people. Government officials themselves are admitting they will not have time to read the near 1,100 plus page bill. The combined incompetence and corruption is beyond anything America has ever seen. Did I mention it has only been a month since Barack Obama’s election?

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