Anti-War Movement Turns Into a Quagmire

Hell No, They Won’t Go!

I think you can get a fairly large group of people to protest just about anything, whether it is a legitimate cause or something ridiculous. You can get a million people to a free concert where you can’t get close enough to even know if it is live or memorex. We like events, festivals and gatherings in general.

When it comes to protestors, I think a lot of times it’s just lonely people wanting a place to fit in. They want to feel like they are making a difference. Many have no knowledge of the issues. They don’t gather information on what’s going on in the world. They can easily and naively be convinced something is a good cause, even when it is not. In some cases, people hear about Vietnam and try to relive a different time, even though there is little in common with Vietnam. You know that some of the same people show up at all the various types of protests. They are like Grateful Dead “Deadheads.” It’s a lifestyle or community as much as anything.

There has been an incredible amount of anti-war propoganda from the media. We have liberals who can’t get enough face time to scream out their insane outdated thoughts. You have ongoing well funded organized efforts to draw crowds of protestors. They bus people into various places to fill out the crowds. There is certainly no spontanaety in any of these things. The media runs stories saying “tens of thousands of people plan to protest.” They show narrow shots of the protestors which gives the illusion there is a larger crowd than there actually is. No matter how small the protest, someone is usually allowed free airtime to regurgitate the same worn out one-liners. Do abortion protestors get the same treatment?

So when all these things are brought together with the 3 year anniversary of the war in Iraq, where are all the protestors?

“There’s just about more policemen here than people. I guess the longer the war goes on, the more people accept it.”
— Susan Westergard, Democratic candidate for Utah House of Representatives

“It’s very disappointing, especially in Washington, D.C. You think this is the place where people come to make things happen. I’m just not sure why there aren’t more people here today.”
— Debbie Boch, restaurant manager/protestor

The truth is, this is nothing new. It is only a very small percentage of people who believe in this kind of thing enough to protest. Even the die-hards know that liberals throw a pretty lame party. Polls waver greatly on small developments in Iraq, which proves that many people really don’t have a firm opinion one way or the other. People have lives and don’t have time to get all the necessary information on every issue. That’s why we elect people who do that for a living. That is why we need honest decent people who will do the hard work to get things right.

The people who organize and attend the “pro-America” and “Support the Troops” rallies are mostly conservatives. They tend to draw much larger crowds than these hyped up protests. They are rallies who’s themes tend to be about defending freedom. Pro-war, if you want to call it that. These are uplifting, as opposed to the doom and gloom views of the extreme left.

To sum it up, I think it’s mostly just media hype. They want to convince people to join the “growing anti-war movement.” It’s more like a bowel movement, if you ask me. They want you to feel like you are in the minority for not joining in. The media and liberals are trying to create momentum in the direction of their own worn out views. Objectivity is not part of the picture. They attempt to sway opinion through deceptive measures such as misleading polls. They use the same old punch lines, but don’t offer facts to support them. I believe if they were confident in their own views, they wouldn’t have to trick people to join in with them.

Food For Thought:

I don’t believe this is even a war anymore. I think the “war” has been over for some time. It is a lack of education on what a war is that even allows the mindset to call this a war. The number of people we have lost in 3 years is a day in a lot of wars – an hour in some. That is why “war is hell.” People who think we are losing a war in Iraq are really admitting they know nothing about history. This is more of a police action than a war. It is a dangerous place and there are frequent terrorist attacks. They are setting up a government. This is never easy. It didn’t happen overnight here. Innocent people still die in this country by various means everyday. We have to look at things from a perspective of reality, not fantasy.

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