Ann Coulter Supports Gays – She’s Just Against the Mission

It’s funny how freedom of speech goes out the window when a Conservative says something over the top. Ann Coulter called John Edwards a faggot and there are some who are more upset by this than by Iran getting Nukes or terrorists trying to destroy their way of life.

There were people who cheered John Kerry’s “joke” about our troops being stupid. Where was the outrage from the liberals? It’s called the old double standard. The people should decide what is right and what is wrong. In Kerry’s case it cost him any chance of becoming President. He is still a Senator, however. I haven’t heard an outcry amongst the democrat party for him to step down. But I guess he was for the troops before he was against them…

It’s supposedly patriotic to bash our leaders in a time of war and denigrate the troops. If someone says something derogatory against certain behaviors it is likened to racism. Homosexuality is not a race. Any straight black person should be offended when comparisons arise between gays and homosexuals.

John Edwards hired a couple liberal bloggers who’s writings routinely included vulgar and blasphemous comments against Christianity. It took a public outcry for this union to end. Edward’s excuse was that he hadn’t read all their stuff. What did he hire them for in the first place if he didn’t know what kind of writings they were doing? Where are the liberals screaming for an end to his Presidential campaign? Again, the double standard. The fact that the Catholic League pointed this out to Edwards and he kept them on only adds to the hypocrisy. It clearly did not appear to be a mistake.

The liberals embraced the Dixie Chicks when they started their anti-American tirades. Where was the condemnation from the liberal politicians? That is considered free speech. In fact, you get awards after that kind of thing. Doesn’t matter if they have to cancel a lot of their concerts because people aren’t buying the tickets. If it weren’t for liberals contributing to the cause, the Dixie Chicks would be out of business.

Then there’s the Clintons. Hillary’s thesis and suppression thereof is apparently no big deal to liberals and the liberal media. You can run for President and support a radical leftist like Saul Alinsky and it is a not a big deal. Instead, people worry about name calling. Bill Clinton degraded the White House when he was cheating on his wife while President. He lied under oath as well. But that’s his “personal business.” Even though he was really in the people’s house. Again, it’s name calling that’s bad.

Why didn’t liberals demand Hillary Clinton apologize for her accusing others of making it up about Bill’s screwing around on her in the White House? Does anyone remember her charge that it was a vast right wing conspiracy? News flash: It Wasn’t! No demands for an apology or demands for other Presidential candidates to condemn her remarks. Don’t say these things are ancient history. Remember George Bush’s decades old DUI that was brought up right before the election? One is an old indiscretion, the others are patterns of beliefs and political tactics…

Free speech is okay when it is aimed against things that this Country was founded on. It is okay against Christians, Jews, Conservatives and any group who attempts to exercise their own free speech when talking out against liberalism. You can’t even say that homosexuality spreads aids without liberals being highly offended by it. It is okay to say that the Jews are responsible for all the problems in the world, but to say promiscuous homosexuality was responsible for aids becoming an epidemic would make some people rant and rave. Free speech is used to defend many a vile comment, but when the shoe is on the other foot, censorship is suddenly desired. Do you see the hypocrisy?

It’s okay to sell books that trash Christianity or for a greedy film maker to try to make a profit by saying Jesus was married with kids. That’s considered free speech and “though provoking.” I suppose it is, but if you say things about Mohammad you are intolerant and attacking a religion. Again, anybody getting the hypocrisy here?

There is a call to censor scientists and meteorologists if they have other ideas about global warming. No free exchange of ideas here. If facts about long term emotional problems to many who have had abortions are brought up, there is no tolerance for that information. Nor for information regarding pain to the fetus. These are areas where liberals say free speech is not allowed. Pornography a mouse click away from children is allowable. Just remember, no swearing at a liberal.

Political correctness is an attack on free speech. It gives some people the right to say anything they want, while silencing others. There are college professors who are allowed to spew anti-American venom to their students under the cover of “free speech.” It’s insanity.

It’s even acceptable to some for people to say they wish Vice President Cheney had been killed in an attempt on his life. Bottom feeders like Bill Maher hide behind the right of free speech. Is there any comparison between such remarks against the Vice President when American soldiers are in harm’s way fighting a war and calling someone a name?

Ann Coulter is not a politician like most of the examples I’ve used, yet the media will be sure to repeatedly show how “intolerant” she is. Too bad they aren’t so concerned about things that are said when they come from liberal politicians running for President or the people who support them. Funny how selective some can be. Doesn’t Ann Coulter have the right to not support the mission?


“I was going to have a few comments on the other Democratic presidential candidate, John Edwards. But it turns out that you have to go into rehab if you use the word “faggot,” so I’m — so I’m kind of at an impasse, can’t really talk about Edwards. So I think I’ll just conclude here and take your questions.”
— Ann Coulter, at CPAC 2007

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