Americans Quickly Losing Faith in Barack Obama – His Mouth is Bigger Than His Ideas

Barack Obama tried hard to regain the faith he has lost with the American people in his address to Congress. He has lost a lot of luster in the past month. His job approval rating is down 10% after one month. U.S. consumer confidence hit an all-time low of 25 this month under Mr. Obama. Consumer confidence was over 60 under George W. Bush just this past September. 

Then came the economic crisis, much of which was preventable. Fifteen Republicans on the Senate Banking Committee tried to address the problem, but liberals led by Barney Frank blew it off. Add to that the part played by those such as Chuck Schumer and ACORN and you can start to see that Obama, by association is in the middle of the original problem. He has rewarded some of those responsible for it all after gaining power by pointing the blame at the outgoing President. Now he is using the crisis as a power grab.

Obama continues to point the finger at George W. Bush and play the victim that inherited the mess, all the while ignoring the events that actually brought on the crisis in the first place. Constantly talking down the economy has been a self-fulfilling prophecy. Many businesses started to lay people off in anticipation of an economic collapse. Remember when unemployment was a forgotten word when George W. Bush was in office? They pushed illegal immigration by saying illegal immigrants had to do the jobs Americans wouldn’t do.

The markets have reacted poorly to Obama’s approach to the economic crisis. Huge bailouts and additional spending doesn’t sit well with investors. One thing you don’t see is Barack and his cohorts letting the free markets do their thing. Big government is the solution, despite the fact that big government caused the problems in the first place. Its not the approach Ronald Reagan used when he inherited a worse mess from Jimmy Carter than this administration inherited.

The enormous spending in the so-called stimulus bill was a breach of trust right out of the box by Barack Obama. His sending 17,000 troops to Afghanistan after being the anti-war candidate doesn’t sit well with the people of that movement. He has now added to that problem by proclaiming that American troops will be finished in Iraq by August of 2010. That’s a ways off. What did we need Obama for? George W. Bush would have probably brought the troops home by then – with honor and victorious.

We have a President who is clearly over his head. His mouth is bigger than his ideas. A lot of people are waking up to Barack Obama’s talking out of both sides of his mouth, as well as his anti-capitalism, big government approach. Of course the media is slow to notice all this. So with their cover the new President can do a lot of damage, in addition to all his hypocrisy.

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