After One Hour Quickie – Donald Trump Decides Not to Terminate Tara Conner

Between “milking” it for all the publicity he could get and his hour quickie meeting, this comes as absolutely no surprise whatsoever. I knew when I heard he was going to have a “private meeting” with Tara Conner that he wouldn’t fire her. Do you think Donald Trump is going to spend an hour alone with a Miss USA contestant of questionable moral fiber and not determine that she is a good person?

How can you tell after one hour that someone is really a good person? Is it that easy? I’m surprised anyone gets divorced if you can tell something like that in one hour. Why have trials when you can just talk with someone for an hour?

Does anybody really care about these pageants anyway? Why even publicly bring up her private life if you aren’t going to do anything about it? I think that is a good question, if I do say so myself. Trump is not the real deal. He’s no terminator, he just plays one on ‘The Apprentice.’

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  1. Thana says:

    That was a well put question. The media love to dig up and expose personal lives of people without any intention of offering something constructive to them. I think Donald Trump had enough publicity already and should stop inviting more. His feud with Rosie O’ Donnell have attracted sufficient publicity to provide numerous hilarious YouTube videos. –

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