Advice to Hollywood: How to Make a Blockbuster 9/11 Movie

The ‘United 93’ and ‘World Trade Center’ movies did well at the box office, but they were not blockbusters by any means. Why is that? First of all, It’s hard to get excited about seeing movies with such painful events. Violent movies are of course very popular, but not so much when they bring back painful memories of innocent people being butchered. Especially when they don’t conclude with an overall triumph. Individual acts of heroism, but not a decisive response which shows the victims did not die in vain. The terrorists received such a response, both in Afghanistan and Iraq. The Taliban was crushed. Saddam Hussein is behind bars. While terrorists are still a major threat, they now know what it is to live in fear. This needs to be captured in a quality motion picture.

I think if someone in Hollywood with a lot of clout does a major film showing Bin Laden and the terrorists twisted and evil path to 9/11, ending with Bin Laden cowering in a cave or buried under a ton of rubble, it would be a huge hit. After all, Bin Laden is either dead or spending every day of his life hiding and looking over his shoulder.

If you want an old fashioned Hollywood hit, it needs to be done without liberal/terrorist propoganda or undertones. One which realistically puts the pieces together. Not something meant to deceive such as a Michael Moore home movie. A movie written with common sense, not something far fetched like the ‘Da Vinci Code.’ American soldiers should be portrayed for the heroes they are, not stereotyped because of a tiny percentage of bad apples or mistakes.

So far, no one in Hollywood has had the guts to really portray the terrorists for the twisted, barbaric and cowardly murderers they are. Nor have they really shown the righteous wrath of a Godly nation. Doesn’t seem like it should take any courage, but it would take the focus off of their liberal, blame America agenda. I guess it shows Hollywood is more anti-American than it is greedy.

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  1. kcmadman says:

    We need to take out the Big Dog before we complete the happy ending.

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