ACORN Worker From Illinois Charged With Voter Fraud

Deidra Humphrey, an Illinois woman is charged with two felony counts of voter-registration fraud stemming from activity involving Missouri elections while working for ACORN. Allegations include turning in forged cards from nursing home residents without their knowledge. There’s a nice angle for voter fraud. Shameless.

There hasn’t been much going on involving the all the ACORN voter fraud allegations since the 2008 election. Could this be the beginning of the Acorn voter fraud investigations? One can hope. Citizens┬ádeserve to have legitimate elections. What is worse for a democracy than voter fraud?

The Missouri Republican Party issued a statement titled: VOTER FRAUD IS REAL IN MISSOURI:

“ACORN and its Democrat supporters have a great deal of explaining to do to Missouri voters. While ACORN continues to submit hundreds of fraudulent voter registrations in our state so that people can cheat on Election Day, high profile Democrats in Missouri like Claire McCaskill and Robin Carnahan downplay the seriousness of this illegal activity. It’s time for the Democrats to express some outrage over the continued and systematic election fraud that taxpayer funded ACORN perpetrates in our state every two years.” — Missouri Republican Party spokeswoman Tina Hervey

The Minnesota recount being bungled shows that fraud could certainly have decided major elections already. Close ones like that could very easily be swayed. If this is done on a large scale as we were led to believe during election time, it could have already changed the political landscape and the freedoms that go with it.

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