‘Academy’ Wipeout

The good thing from this year’s Academy Awards is that more people than ever know the true motives of Hollywood. Ratings for the Oscars were down yet again, 8% from last year and the 3rd lowest rated Oscars in the last 20 years. That’s reason for freedom lovers all over the world to celebrate.

The biggest motive by the liberals in Hollywood is an outdated political agenda. One that leans heavily on the anti-American side. Most people used to think that it was just a little too much violence and sex in Hollywood. Now we know that it is a desperate attempt to undermine the core values of America. I mean, 3 movies and 15 nominations because of gay or transgender characters is, well, overplaying their hand. Despite all the free publicity, these movies were hardly box office smashes. I think this in your face approach only alienates most people.

Hollywood and the major awards shows promote and glorify violence and deviant behavior. It’s the promoting and glorifying that makes all the difference. That’s not entertainment. They reward the rewriting of history and side with murderers and anti-Semites. Attempting to gently indoctrinate the naive into a world where reality does not exist. Not on the movie screen or off.

Movie Rankings for 2005

#1) Star Wars: Episode III $380,270,577

#2) Harry Potter $289,210,520

#3) The Chronicles of Narnia $288,795,853

#4 – #25

#26) Brokeback Mountain $79,097,000

#27 – #48

#49) Crash $53,404,817

Food For Thought:

‘The Passion of the Christ’ has earned $370,782,930. Almost 5 times ‘Brokeback Mountain.’ ‘The Passion’ received a lot of bad media attention about it being anti-Semitic. Of course there was no basis for that, unless you also call the Bible anti-Semitic. Just the good ole media not letting facts get in the way of a good story.

‘Brokeback’ finished in 26th place for the year and ‘Crash’ finished 49th. Combined earnings of ‘Brokeback’ and ‘Crash’ equal 132,501,817 and would still rank it behind #14 ‘Chicken Little’ at $134,838,088. Chicken Little! If you factor in the fact that Brokeback got about a billion dollars in free publicity, not to mention the various other bogus awards it received – it’s really a pretty sad showing. With that kind of advertising you could fill the theaters with a movie about a couple of gay horses. “Bareback Stable?” But anyway… The facts just don’t mesh with the publicity. Not even close.

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