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The thoughts and perspectives of the man who has traveled down the broken road. You will get my view on what’s going on in the world. With a focus on the unique as well as events not getting the coverage they should… Maybe some personal stuff as well. No holds barred, so be prepared. Whether it’s politics, sports, technology or everyday life…

You get bombarded with news and information everyday. I know how tough it is to filter the quality from the smoke and mirrors. I bring you the facts using trusted resources, analyzed for your convenience. Sometimes I’ll even show you the untrustworthy sources to highlight their incredible hypocrisy. Bringing you the stories that matter in your life. Hopefully bring you a chuckle from time to time. A place to inform and also a place for like minded people to go to for some sanity in an insane world.

Finally, someone who really tells it like it is and doesn’t
sell out. You’ll hear the truth whether you like it or not. You are
going to get fed intellectually. Blog style. Food for thought. Blog
Chow! In a unique and entertaining way. If you don’t like it, that’s
a shame. If you do, that’s great! I know I will be speaking for a lot
of people here. Hope you are one of them!

It’s Time to Roll!

I’m ready to start doing some posting. I will be wading in so please
be patient.

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* Blog Chow (the main blog)
* Personal Blog (blog about gene)

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** More to be added

** Some other articles I have written in the past destined for the
writer’s hall of fame.. Get ready for some healthy debate…

Hollywood Anti-Americans
Dec 12, 2002

Liberals Prefer Dependence On Foreign Oil
Oct 10, 2002

Stay tuned for more…