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New Jerry Seinfeld Television Show

Jerry Seinfeld is the executive producer and creator of a new television series called ‘The Marriage Ref’ to be aired by NBC. Celebrities, comedians and athletes will give comedic advice to fighting couples. The details aren’t real clear yet. While … Continue reading

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Americans Quickly Losing Faith in Barack Obama – His Mouth is Bigger Than His Ideas

Barack Obama tried hard to regain the faith he has lost with the American people in his address to Congress. He has lost a lot of luster in the past month. His job approval rating is down 10%¬†after one¬†month. U.S. … Continue reading

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No War for Opium! – Anti-War Barack Obama Orders 17,000 Troops to Afghanistan

I guess Barack Obama must have misplaced the magic wand that was going to eliminate the need to send American troops to war. While we are still engaged in Iraq he is sending an additional 17,000 Americans into war in … Continue reading

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Barack Obama Busy ‘Porking’ America While 2 Jet Planes Crash in Less Than a Month

Have the friendly skies become unsafe to travel under Barack Obama? A 2nd jet plane has crashed in under month, meanwhile Barack Obama has been busy with his fellow government turncoats who are pushing the porkulus bill on Americans. The … Continue reading

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George Strait Grammy Win Long Overdue

Congratulations to George Strait on his long overdue Grammy Award, winning Best Country Album Award for “Troubadour.” I’m not sure if it is cause for celebration for the King of Country music, given the Grammy’s poor track record for giving … Continue reading

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Bill Gates Drawing Attention to Malaria or His Own Generosity?

I don’t know if Bill Gates is quite as bad as Oprah Winfrey yet, but his mosquito stunt seems to show a desire to draw attention to his own generosity, rather than a legitimate attempt to put an end to … Continue reading

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