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IDF: Due to Blogger and Viewer Support – YouTube Has Returned Some of the Footage They Removed

I just went back to the IDF YouTube page I wrote about a little earlier and there is an update: We were saddened earlier today that YouTube took down some of our exclusive footage showing the IDF’s operational success in … Continue reading

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Blago’s Senate Pick Strategy

Rod Blogojevich’s is a cool customer. Against all threats and advice he went ahead and appointed Barack Obama’s open Senate Seat. His pick was former Attorney General Roland Burris. I see three reasons for Blago’s maneuver: 1) Blago puts on a … Continue reading

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Google Owned YouTube Censors Israel Public Relations Videos

The IDF (Israel Defense Forces) Spokesperson’s Unit came up with a creative way to get it’s side out – posting videos on YouTube. With so much anti-Semitic propaganda out there, it seems like a good way for Israel to communicate … Continue reading

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Is Cynthia McKinney Intentionally Aiding Hamas?

Cop slapping former Georgia Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney has been causing headaches for the Israeli navy. McKinney and a boat load of “international peace activists” ran into an alert Israeli naval ship. The supposed relief vessel carrying the former Congresswoman was bumped … Continue reading

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Caroline Kennedy Another Example Why Elections Are a Must – You Know

  If Blagogate hasn’t convinced you yet of why elections, not appointees are vital to having good leadership, the fiasco surrounding Hillary Clinton’s vacant Senate seat should. Caroline Kennedy had an interview where she said ‘you know’ 138 times. It … Continue reading

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Israel Responds Big to the Palestinian Terrorist Attacks

Palestinian terrorists/Hamas chose terror over peace when their truce with Israel expired a little over a week ago. Israel chose to defend it’s people. I wrote just yesterday that the leaders of Israel were very clear on their insistence that the … Continue reading

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