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LeBron James Tells Charles Barkley What He Thinks

LeBron James pretty much summed up Charles Barkley and the often inept sports media by calling Barkley stupid. Barkley, who seems unprepared at best when giving his opinions had complained about LeBron James mentioning 2010 free agency. Of course, in … Continue reading

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India’s 9/11

India almost seemed to stand alone as they sunk a Somali pirate mother ship last week. Now they face a brutal coordinated attack that may have left over a 100 innocent people dead. Is this attack connected? It’s almost unthinkable to … Continue reading

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Urine into Drinking Water – You Go First

NASA is working on this thing that is supposed to turn urine into drinking water. They have actually tried it out. I know there are practical applications for such a thing in the area of space travel, but if this … Continue reading

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Congress Hypocrites Have Nerve to Lecture Automakers Over Corporate Jets

These hypocrites in Congress have no shame. Lecturing the executives of the “big 3” automakers over traveling in corporate jets on their way to ask for a bailout? Sure, it wasn’t a smart thing to do traveling there like that. Then again, … Continue reading

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Boston Herald Thought Police Writer Attacks Denis Leary

So the latest to be lynched in the media is Denis Leary and the latest media clown to do it is a writer by the name of Peter Gelzinis. I’m so sick of people who are so ignorant they can’t figure … Continue reading

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Barack Obama’s Big Blunder Considering/Picking Hillary Clinton for Secreatary of State

I was going to ask the question of who was dumber for the supposed Secretary of State offer – Barack Obama or Hillary Clinton. I decided it wasn’t that dumb for Hillary, although I don’t know why she would want to be … Continue reading

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