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Celebrity Lessons: One Dead Trainwreck – One Brain Dead Trainwreck

It’s being reported that Anna Nicole Smith commented last year that she thought Britney Spears was “totally cool” and would like to meet and hang out with her. If you want to boil all this down to the root of … Continue reading

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If the Fans Don’t Support You – You Can Always Win an Award

Award Shows Have Lost All Credibility Do you think wrestling is fake? These award shows have become so phony they are laughable. From gay movies nobody wants to see to home movies from Al Gore or Michael Moore, which mislead … Continue reading

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Paris Hilton Privacy Dilemma

I wrote this last week and then forgot to post it. So here it is… If you haven’t heard about it, Paris Hilton had some personal and private things sold off after she failed to pay the storage bill on … Continue reading

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Rush Limbaugh Nominated For Nobel Peace Prize

This won’t get as much media attention as Al Gore’s fear mongering home movie receives, but Rush Limbaugh has been nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize. He was nominated by the Landmark Legal Foundation. From the nomination letter: We are … Continue reading

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