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Goodbye Pluto and Astrology

Pluto is no longer a planet. Not sure what it takes to get on that voting board, but the planet that was discovered in 1930 is gone. Astrologers say this does not affect astrology, but it does seem to throw … Continue reading

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Letterman: Top Ten Signs There’s Trouble at the New York Times

A lighthearted look at the New York Times, which is thought by many to be guilty of treason. They seem to have done as much to aid the terrorists as anyone has, but on to the humor: Top Ten Signs … Continue reading

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The Real Maverick: Joe Lieberman

Kicked to the curb by the hypocritical liberals, I believe Joe Lieberman is far from finished. Lieberman made the classic mistake of a fallen modern day democrat – having an open mind. The party which always claims to have an … Continue reading

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The Truth Continues to be a Victim of the Major News Media Outlets

Doctored Reuters Photo The major media uses a lot of tricks to distort the news, but sometimes they just plain fake it. The latest major news organization to publish a fake photo is Reuters. They were caught by fellow bloggers … Continue reading

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