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Some Thoughts on the Mel Gibson Scandal and Anti-Semitism

I would like to use some logic and make some observations regarding this whole Mel Gibson debacle and anti-Semitism in general… As we wait for all the facts to come in regarding Gibson, there are some things worth pondering. First … Continue reading

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On the Brink of World War – Israel Must Continue Strong Defense

As Israel continues it’s strong reaction against terrorism, the usual cast of world leaders/characters who regularly side with terrorists are denouncing Israel. “One may well ask if there isn’t today a kind of wish to destroy Lebanon — its infrastructure, … Continue reading

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Schiavo Murder Update: Miracle Recovery Documented – Comatose Man’s Brain Rewired Itself After 20 Years

An ‘Associated Press’ story tells of how a man regained speech and movement after almost 20 years and after all hope was thought to be lost. This miracle occurred because his brain somehow rewired itself by growing new nerve connections … Continue reading

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