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Is Sharon Stone a Pedophile?

The article headline reads: ‘Stone Advocates Oral Sex’. But when you read the short article you find out just how twisted Sharon Stone appears to be. The fact she advocates oral sex is nice to know. If I’m ever alone … Continue reading

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Ungrateful Christian Cult Members Rescued After Member Pays Ultimate Price for Peace Activism

This thing gets sadder and more ridiculous by the day. There were four peace activist Christian cult members who basically blame America and Britain for the all the terrorist’s actions. One of their members ended up being tortured and murdered … Continue reading

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Anti-War Movement Turns Into a Quagmire

Hell No, They Won’t Go! I think you can get a fairly large group of people to protest just about anything, whether it is a legitimate cause or something ridiculous. You can get a million people to a free concert … Continue reading

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Hollywood Update: You Can’t Say Clooney Without Saying Looney

George Clooney offered some more absurd comments at the Oscars. Trying to justify Hollywood’s unpopular political stances, he pointed to what he considered to be two historical accomplishments of the awards show. “We’re the ones who talked about AIDS when … Continue reading

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‘Academy’ Wipeout

The good thing from this year’s Academy Awards is that more people than ever know the true motives of Hollywood. Ratings for the Oscars were down yet again, 8% from last year and the 3rd lowest rated Oscars in the … Continue reading

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