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Merry Christmas – Something For the Kids

If you haven’t seen this before, you gotta check this out for the kids. It’s Santa being tracked by the NORAD radar system. There are some pretty cool videos showing Santa and reindeer on their journey. On the Santa page … Continue reading

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Eavesdropping Smokescreen

The headlines were ominous: ‘Bush Approves Eavesdropping on Americans’. Much worse than what the headlines should have read: ‘Bush Approves Investigating Terrorists’. It is now clear that President Bush had the constitutional authority to do it, as well as the … Continue reading

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The John Kerry and Howard Dean Trashing of American Soldiers

There is nothing amusing about this story. John Kerry and Howard Dean continue to show incredible contempt and disrespect for the U.S. Military. The proof is in their own statements. Verifiable statements. These weren’t slips of the tongue. These were … Continue reading

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Jennifer Anniston Threatens Lawsuit Over Her Boyish Figure?

Let’s, just for the sake of argument, try to believe that Jennifer Anniston would not want anyone to see her half naked. Come on, you can do it! She is threatening a lawsuit over topless photos of her sunbathing. Maybe … Continue reading

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