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House Sneaks Through Pro-Gay Bill With “Children’s Safety Act”

Liberal democrats with the help of 30 liberal republicans, voted to add a pro-gay provision to the “Children’s Safety Act”. Under the cover of a hate crime, what we have are the thought police. It should be a crime for … Continue reading

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Randall Robinson Retracts His ‘Black People Eating Corpses in New Orleans’ Statement

I guess I was right again. Most people do not eat corpses after four days without food. Randall Robinson has retracted his statement that black people in New Orleans were eating corpses. He says he stands by the rest of … Continue reading

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87% DON’T Blame President Bush for Katrina Problems According to CNN Poll

This is a poll that won’t get a lot of airplay. Only 13% of respondents to a Sept. 5-6 CNN/USA Today/Gallup poll believe President Bush is to blame for the Katrina aftermath. 87% point the blame elsewhere or believe no … Continue reading

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More Preposterous Post Disaster Comments

It’s Official. The politicizing of a tragedy is in full force. I knew it was coming before the hurricane even hit. It has become so predictable. What I didn’t know is how soon it would happen and with such vicious … Continue reading

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Robert F. Kennedy Jr.’s Appalling Remarks While Thousands Suffer

I knew it wouldn’t take long to turn the worst disaster in U.S. history into political ambulance chasing. I didn’t think it would happen less than 24 hours after the carnage of Hurricane Katrina. It actually seems that Bobby Jr. … Continue reading

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